Must-have Walkiddy Accessories to Keep Kids Warm in Winter

Must-have Walkiddy Accessories to Keep Kids Warm in Winter - Keeping children warm: Walkiddy winter accessories made from organic cotton

The cold weather during the winter may be worrying parents about their children's health. However, families are also aware that for the physical and psychological health of their kids, they can’t keep them at home on cold days. So, the winter means it's time to start thinking about how to protect your kids from the cold during all their outdoor activities. 

Dressing your kids in layers of high-quality winter clothes can be a good way to protect them from the cold. Especially since the clothes of GOTS-certified children's clothing brands such as Walkiddy are breathable, they will both prevent the little ones from sweating and warm them in the best way. But are clothes alone enough to keep the little ones warm? In short, our answer to that is no. High-quality accessories are just as important as clothing to prevent little ones from getting sick in cold weather. 

The Best Walkiddy Accessories for Winter

As Walkiddy, besides our clothes, we stand by families with our wide selection of accessories. Like all our products, our GOTS-certified beanies, loops, triangular scarves, socks, and blankets made of organic cotton are among our must-have accessories to keep the little ones warm in winter. Let's check these accessories one by one and understand how crucial they are for your little one in winter.

Walkiddy Accessories: Beanies

A cold head causes body heat to escape from the head. If children lose their body heat via exposed body parts in cold weather, they can feel cold instantly. On the other hand, a warm head helps keep the whole body retain heat. In addition, a beanie protects not only the head but also the ears, preventing possible ear diseases. Walkiddy beanies are designed to perfectly cover the head and ears. Since these beanies are made of 95% organic cotton, they don't make the head sweaty and help the little ones to feel comfortable. Moreover, the fun patterns of Walkiddy beanies may make even the kids who don't like to wear berets, hats, or beanies change their minds.

Walkiddy Accessories: Loops

Loops are a great choice to protect your child's neck on cold and windy days. The advantage of the loops over the scarf is that they don't unfold and slip off your child's neck. Plus, the loops can be worn by your child as a beanie. Walkiddy loops are made of 95% organic cotton, so they are soft and breathable. In addition, the basic and patterned models of Walkiddy loops offer different options to complete your little ones' outfit combinations.

Walkiddy Accessories: Triangular scarves

Triangle scarves are very useful especially for babies in the winter months. Since they have snap fasteners at the neck, they can be easily put on and taken off. Triangle scarves not only protect your baby's neck from the cold but also help prevent their clothes from getting dirty while eating. Since Walkiddy triangle scarves are made of 95% organic cotton, they don’t contain toxic substances, so also protect the sensitive skin of babies.

Walkiddy Accessories: Socks

During the winter months, the feet may be the coldest limbs of children as well as adults, and when the feet are cold, the whole body gets cold. Therefore, it is very important to keep little feet warm in winter. Walkiddy socks are made of 90% organic cotton. Thus, these soft, breathable socks keep little feet warm and prevent them from sweating and the growth of harmful bacteria on the feet. So Walkiddy socks are the perfect choice for keeping your little one's feet warm and healthy.

Walkiddy Accessories: Blankets 

Blankets are one of the most important accessories that contribute to the peaceful and comfortable sleep of the little ones in winter. The body temperature of the little ones drops during their sleep and the blanket keeps the little bodies at the ideal body temperature on cold winter days. Moreover, since Walkiddy blankets are made of 95% organic cotton, they protect the skin of the little ones, allow it to breathe, and prevent sweating. Plus, these blankets invite the little ones to sleep and have sweet dreams with their fun patterns.

To sum up, as the weather gets colder, it's important to make sure your little ones are bundled up to stay warm. Fortunately, Walkiddy has everything you need to keep your kiddo warm, stylish, and comfortable all winter long!