Advantages of organic baby clothing

Advantages of organic baby clothing

Today mothers and fathers prefer more and more organic baby clothes. Baby clothing made with these non-chemical organic raw materials is very important for newborns.


What is organic baby clothing?  

Today, experts recommend wearing organic products not only for babies, but for everyone. Organic baby clothes are products made from organic cotton and bamboo raw materials, which are produced under natural conditions and grown far away from chemicals. Organic baby clothing is a very important issue.

Why should organic baby clothes be preferred?  


In everyday life, the clothes that everyone wears, from the material to the color used, are for the most part carcinogenic. With various processes such as bleaching and softening, the harmful effects of these clothes on people's skin are increasing. Looking at this problem, the situation becomes even more frightening when we think of the delicate structure of babies. Because the products of the petrochemical industry and the chemical components containing heavy metals are even more risky for babies. For all these reasons we should be careful with organic baby clothes and the parents around us should be warned.


Why is it important to dress babies biologically?

About 60% of the substances that come into contact with baby's skin are absorbed through the pores. Babies with more sensitive skin than adults are therefore at higher risk. Some common skin problems, eczema and irritation in babies can also be caused by harmful chemicals. Synthetic materials used for bleaching or softening in the manufacture of clothing are substances that have an enormous negative impact on human health. Even if they are washed several times with plenty of water, they remain in the clothing. The skin of babies who are still very young is much more sensitive than the skin of adults, and such products should not be preferred for babies with a particularly weak immune system. Organic baby clothes should always be cleaned with a detergent containing as few chemicals as possible, e.g. organic detergents, grated natural soaps. Because if the cleaning process is not carried out in this way, the product generally loses its organic properties.

How do you obtain the raw material for organic baby clothes?  

All raw materials used worldwide to produce organic clothing and organic baby clothes are raw materials that come from organic farming. Organic farming involves processes such as natural fertilization or natural pest control. There are no industrial areas, factory sites and residential areas around the cultivation areas and airplanes can only cross these areas from a certain altitude. For the organic clothing for adults or organic baby clothes, organic raw materials are cultivated in the same way as organic food is grown in the organic production system. Organic farming, which is a very important issue, should be considered.

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