Our Children are the purest gifts that have been given to us in this unprotected world. With this consciousness, we wanted our clothing to protect our children’s sensitive skin and bodies. Their clothing is a big part of their development, as it is the closest thing to their skin. For this reason, we have paid great attention to creating the best quality products while upholding our moral obligations and social duties to our world. 

We always strive to use the minimum amount of water while producing these special goods for your loved ones. We use sustainable production, aiming to make the least impact possible on our environment as possible. Therefore, our GOTS and EMI certificates are very important to us and proves our commitment to our earth and our people. 

What is GOTS ? 

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. Walkiddy is very proud to have this certification because it ensures our customers that not only is our cotton/wool organic, but workers rights are protected and sustainability is always being seeked. Being GOTS certified ensures that our production is up to International Labour Organization’s standards. It also ensures that we are constantly trying to find more efficient ways to protect our local environments and use less water in production. Buying our GOTS certified products, you can feel good about dressing your children in healthy, ethically created clothing.


What is EMI ?

EMI stands for Environmental Impact Measuring Software. EMI ensures that we are working to improve our ecological footprint, and when you purchase our products, now you are too! Water, energy consumption, chemical use, and impact on worker’s health are the four main impacts being measured. By measuring these items, we can always find ways to improve and make better use of resources.