About us

When asked who we are, we can best answer it as follows: “We are the children of a master seamstress who has spent her years among fabrics, needles and threads to prepare people for their most beautiful days and at the same time an unrivaled instructive mother has been." My brother continued this season (experience) that he took over from my mother by studying textile technology and then doing administrative work for global brands. I also continued this season; After the education I received from my mother, I spent my years working on child development and upbringing and opening exemplary kindergartens. We later founded the Walkiddy brand in order to melt these unparalleled experiences in one pot and to be able to offer what the children really need to the parents in the most correct and convenient way.

Our goal is to offer this experience, which comes from two generations, to the consumer in the most correct and user-friendly way. Our goal is to offer the best product by identifying the need criteria, which may vary from country to country, and with your guidance we can offer children better, more user-friendly products.

Of course we also thought on this way that the most important thing in addition to quality and comfort is to cover these small bodies with soft, healthy fabrics and thus have the best, most unprecedented organic fabric woven in the Aegean, the wonderful countries with the possesses the highest quality and most beautiful cotton. We have dyed our samples with Northern European culture and made them available to you.

On this path that we have taken for our loved ones, we always felt like the support you gave us strengthened our backs. With the responsibility that this support brings, we have made it our principle to always maintain the precision when bringing our products together with the children.

Best Regards