How to Determine If "Organic Baby Clothes" Are Really Organic?

How to Determine If "Organic Baby Clothes" Are Really Organic? - Organic baby clothes: why organic cotton is the best choice for your baby and how to recognize it

If you want to make the best choice for your baby and the environment when choosing baby clothes, you should decide on organic baby clothes. Before making this decision, we are sure that you have done some research on the advantages of organic clothing. But to summarize here, organic cotton is produced without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, using 91% less water than conventional cotton. Therefore, the cultivation process of this cotton is much more environmentally friendly and sustainable than the conventional one. This means that fewer chemicals come into contact with nature and your baby's sensitive skin.

In addition, GOTS-certified brands such as Walkiddy, which produce their products with organic cotton, have to comply with organic textile standards from the production of the raw material to the distribution of the product. This textile standard has many sanctions, from not to use of heavy toxic metals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the raw material and the products to the necessity of a wastewater treatment plant, and keeping the wage, rights, and working conditions of the workers at specific standards. 

Well, after satisfactory research on organic cotton and GOTS, you have probably decided to buy a garment made of organic cotton for your baby. At this point, a question may come to mind. How will you know if this garment is made of genuine organic cotton? We have some tips for you to determine whether the products you buy for your baby are made of organic cotton.

Tips on how to tell if organic baby clothes are authentically organic

1) Don't mislead

The popularity of sustainable products has pushed many brands to look eco-friendly. In particular, some fast fashion brands have started to use words such as green, sustainable, and eco-friendly more often. Although these words attract consumers at first glance, these brands that announce their products with just a few keywords may be misleading. In order to understand whether the products launched in this way are really organic, it is necessary to do much deeper research on the products. In this case, the GOTS certificate will be your guide because the fact that a product is GOTS certified is proof that it is organic and produced to certain standards that protect the little ones, the environment, and the workers.

2) Look at the price

When buying organic clothes for your child, you should also pay attention to the price. Clothes made from organic cotton are usually more expensive than clothes made from traditional cotton. There are several reasons for this, including higher harvesting costs, production costs, a smaller demand for organic cotton, and certification costs. However, these quality products are more durable than products made with traditional cotton. Even these clothes can be worn for generations. So, although these products may seem expensive at first, they are budget friendly in the long run. In short, when you see products that are cheap but made from organic cotton, think again and check if they have GOTS certification.

3) Research the brand

Fortunately, it's pretty easy to learn about brands these days. Research the reliability of the brand you are considering buying the product from. Having a reliable website, social media accounts, and consumers' comments about the brand can be a good reference for you.

4) Search for GOTS labeling

You can understand that the product is GOTS certified by recognizing the label on the packaging. GOTS labeling must include the trademark registered GOTS logo (or the phrase “Global Organic Textile Standard”), GOTS label classification (“organic” or “made with organic”), details of the certification body, and license number and/or certified body name. You can also search for the certified organization in the GOTS-certified supplier database by entering the license number (or name) given on the GOTS label in the free text field.

As can be seen above, sometimes it can be difficult to understand whether products claiming to be organic are authentically organic. Although some brands launch the product as environmentally friendly, the content or production processes of their products may not be sustainable. For this reason, as we mentioned above, when buying a product that you think is made of organic cotton for your baby, making sure that it is GOTS certified will be the most important sign for you to understand that the product is produced from organic cotton according to certain criteria. If you want to take your first step into the organic baby clothes world with a totally genuine baby clothing brand, our GOTS-certified brand Walkiddy can be a reliable organic baby clothes choice for you.