Kids' Baggy Pants: 5 Reasons Why They Are Ideal

Kids\' Baggy Pants: 5 Reasons Why They Are Ideal - Walkiddy\'s Baggy Pants: Comfortable, fashionable and sustainable for active children. Discover the collection inspired by nature with different colors and patterns made of organic cotton.

Filling your children's wardrobe with fun patterns, cozy cuts, and skin-friendly clothes will ensure that your little one has comfortable outfits they will love to wear.  Baggy pants, which we can also call joggers, are one of these coziest outfits that you would want to get for your kid. The much sought-after joggers were first developed in the 1920s for athletes. But then these pants managed to integrate into everyone's everyday life and conquer hearts. Joggers which have become an indispensable part of street fashion, provide both comfort and a cool look to the little ones as they do to the adults. 

Meet Walkiddy’s baggy pants

Walkiddy's baggy pants are one of the must-have clothes in your little one's wardrobe. There are many reasons why you should put your kids in Walkiddy baggy pants. They are comfortable, stylish, sustainable, and perfect for active kids. Baggy pants are also available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find the ideal pair for your child. Walkiddy’s baggy pants are available in all patterns of our collections inspired by nature and incredible creatures. Our joggers are made from organic cotton, they have comfortable cuts, and they are soft. Thanks to the welt pockets, our joggers look smart and cozy. The wonderful model offers your child plenty of freedom of movement to play and run around. 

The other good news is, these baggy pants fit both babies and kids in a wide range of sizes (from size 50/56 to size 152). You can combine these comfortable pants with shirts, t-shirts, and sweatshirts for children, and with bodies for babies. You can use our patterned baggy pants with matching patterned tops, mono-printed or basic tops. Our AW22-23 collection has many color options for basic baggy pants, including black, rose, pastel red, dark navy blue, terracotta, and petrol green. It's not over yet, as the inner side of our model 215 baggy pants is fleece, it provides extra warmth for your little one on cold winter days.

Now, let's explore together the main advantages of baggy pants that are perfect for everyday activities, meeting the best of both functionality and fashion.

Why are baggy pants ideal for children?

1) Baggy pants are comfortable

Children are very active. They always want to run and play. Therefore, it is very important for them to feel comfortable in the clothes they wear. The baggy pants allow them freedom of movement with their comfortable cut. Since the joggers have a loose cut and an elastic waistband, the little ones carry the comfort of home to the street. In addition, Walkiddy baggy pants are made of organic cotton, their fabric is breathable and soft. In other words, children do not sweat in these pants and their skin can breathe.

2) Baggy pants have stretchable waistbands and pocket

Thanks to the flexible waistbands, the joggers can be easily put on and taken off. Moreover, in this way, baggy pants do not cause discomfort to the little ones by squeezing their waist. In addition, these pants are suitable for all body shapes. Regardless of your little one's body shape, you can be sure that they will feel very comfortable in these loose-fitting pants with elastic waistbands. What's more? Little ones also can fill the large pockets of their favorite pants with sweets and tiny toys.

3) Baggy pants are trendy

Baggy pants are as fashionable as they are comfortable. Especially the fun patterns of the Walkiddy baggy pants give them a unique look. Designed for both boys and girls, these pants allow the little ones to be in the comfort of home on the street in a cool style.

4) Baggy pants are easy to combine

Combining baggy pants is only up to you and your child's creativity. These pants go great with almost any top. If you want, you can combine plain joggers with patterned tops, or you can choose matching patterns on both the top and bottom. It can be a great idea to find your child's favorite color and combine plain baggy pants with many color options in pastel tones with patterned tops that match the pants’ color.

5) Baggy pants are durable

Since Walkiddy baggy pants are made of organic cotton, they do not contain any chemical materials and are more durable than other baggy pants. Moreover, if you follow the instructions for use of Walkiddy joggers (wash them at a maximum of 40°C, do not use bleach, iron them at a maximum of 150°C, do not dry clean, do not tumble dry them) you will extend the life cycle of the pants, so they can be worn for generations.

Yes, baggy pants are ideal for little ones because they are comfortable, trendy, and very functional. So now, you can choose the most suitable Walkiddy baggy pants for your little one and bring them comfort and convenience.