Sustainable children's fashion

2022-04-12 13:01:00 /
Sustainable children\'s fashion -

Sustainable children's fashion - why ecological fashion is better for babies and children and for our environment

Walkiddy focuses on ecological baby and children's fashion. When manufacturing baby and children's clothing, the goal is to create an economically, ecologically and socially compatible work during the process, i.e. starting with the seed of the organic cotton through to the finished garment, which then results in a flawless product. Fabrics like polyester, for example, are made from petroleum, and burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide (CO²). This pollutes the environment. In the production of organic substances, on the other hand, no chemicals are used. In addition to the environment, the faster metabolism of babies compared to adults is a reason to wrap the little ones in sustainable organic cotton, because wearing non-organic clothing can get toxins into their little bodies more quickly.

Walkiddy not only enchants with the high quality of the organic cotton used, but also with its comfortable cuts and true-to-nature designs. In the current "Autumn/Winter 2020/2021" collection, the squirrel, the red fox, the curious raccoon, as well as the majestic golden eagle, the polar bear and the beautiful horse stimulate the imagination of young and old. With the motifs from Walkiddy, children are made aware of biodiversity. Based on the enchanting designs, fables and stories can be told and journeys of discovery can be made in the great outdoors. In addition to the authentic representation, the special feature of the designs lies in the diverse techniques that our designer uses. Most of the motifs are first painted or drawn by hand. Another special feature of the Walkiddy baby and children's clothing made from organic cotton is the high level of comfort. The quality of the natural fibers used flatters the delicate skin of babies and children. The little ones will feel completely comfortable in Walkiddy. If you are dissatisfied with the product or with the order processing, Walkiddy is very customer-oriented and always strives to ensure you the best possible shopping experience.