Upcycling old baby clothes: creative ideas

Upcycling old baby clothes: creative ideas - Upcycling unused baby clothes: creative ideas

Baby clothes are very cute with their colors and styles, and they are also very important for your baby to feel comfortable. However, it is also a fact that babies grow very fast and can wear these tiny cute clothes for a short time. So, what happens then? Usually these clothes are stored in the basement or thrown away. Unfortunately, more than 183 million baby clothes are thrown away each year, causing environmental damage [1]. That's why, it is very important to upcycle or recycle unused baby clothes. It's always a good option to donate these clothes to a charity to get them to families in need. However, if there are favorite clothes that you do not want to give away or if you want your little one to spend a little more time with these clothes in different ways, a few ideas can help you. So instead of putting them in a box and storing them, here are some creative ways to take them to the next level and turn them into a reusable toy or accessory.

Upcycling ideas 1: Memory Bear 

You can transform your baby's favorite sleeper or bodysuit into a cute teddy bear. A basic sewing knowledge and a little practice will suffice to make the teddy bear parts. You can start the creation process by finding a pattern online. After you cut the clothes according to the pattern, fill them and sew them, you will have created a brand new friend for your baby. This new teddy bear can become your dearest's new sleeping companion, or even a toy full of memories to give to your grand babies.

Upcycling ideas 2: Quilt

Quilts are a great idea to create a fun item from your baby's old clothes. Moreover, in this way, you can upcycle all your baby's old clothes and make really useful accessories from them. If you don't know how to sew such a quilt, this is also a good opportunity to learn a valuable skill from another family member. You can start the process by collecting all your little one's old clothes. The more different colors and patterns you choose, the more fun your quilt will be. Then cut square pieces of these clothes and sew them together.  As a result, you will have created a cute quilt that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Upcycling ideas 3: Headband

Instead of buying a brand new headband for your baby, you can make headbands out of unused clothes. You can also design headbands for yourself with these baby clothes that match your baby's. In this way, you will protect your favorite patterns of these cute tiny clothes. Moreover, it is very easy to make these colorful headbands!  Just cut the elastic waistband of your baby's pants, which are now too small for your little one, and decorate the headband by creating a rose or ribbon with the rest of the material... Your cute headband is ready to be worn!

Upcycling ideas 4: Memory Game

Board games are a fun tool to spend family time and strengthen bonds. What if we told you you could create a board game out of the old baby clothes? You can create a memory game by cutting out your baby's unused garments into square pieces. Your baby may be too young to play this game, but this DIY project can be a great third birthday present for your kid. Moreover, this memory game will contribute to the development of your little one's thinking skills, concentration, and attention.

Upcycling ideas 5: Baby Shoes

Babies who have not yet started walking feel very comfortable with soft-soled shoes moreover, these shoes keep the little ones' feet warm. If you want to turn your baby’s unwanted clothes into something new, making booties from them can be a good idea. There are many tutorials for this DIY project so they can guide you through the process. All you have to do is use your baby's shrinking clothes instead of fabric. Especially if you prefer baby clothes made of organic cotton, you know how soft they are. So, the good news, the baby booties you make with these garments will be as comfortable as them.

Upcycling ideas 6: Ribbon Block

Another toy you can create with your baby's unwanted clothes can be ribbon blocks. Ribbon blocks are soft toys that your baby will enjoy to play. You can create the outer surface of the block with old baby clothes, and fill it with baby garments or old blankets. You can design one big or several small blocks for your baby. Moreover, by sewing ribbons on these blocks, you can make the toy more interesting for your little adventurer. In short, it's all up to your creativity.

Upcycling ideas 7: Christmas Stocking

Christmas-themed baby rompers are often gifted at babies' first Christmas celebrations. So when these overalls start to feel small for your baby, will you throw them away? Of course, no. You can turn these cute rompers into customized Christmas stockings for your baby. You don't even need any Christmas patterned clothes to create these cute Christmas stockings, any old baby clothes will suffice. You can make a patchwork design from different pieces of clothing and the result will surprise even you.

Upcycling ideas 8: Pillow

Turning outgrown baby clothes into a pillow will be a decorative and easy upcycling project. Simple sewing knowledge is totally sufficient for this DIY. You can even use an already finished pillow for this project. All you have to do is decorate a pillow with old baby clothes that you cut out. You can create decorative motifs, flowers and ribbons by combining clothes of different colors and patterns. This pillow full of memories can be the perfect decoration for your nursery chair.